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Do the Right Thing !

Fursys Group was first founded in 1983 with a mission to do the right thing. The organization was developed under certain principles of promise, moral and responsibility. Such principles have been handed down throughout the organization, making ‘doing the right thing‘ a code of practice.This code of practice, which prevails in the organizational structure, is carried on to our products, spaces, as well as our attitudes when dealing with customer and the greater society. In order to do the right thing, our first step in developing a product is to think about the space it will be laid in, the people that will occupy thee space, the society and the environment that we exist in. These deeply rooted principles have created Fursys Group into who we are today. To gain energy from our products, to discover new opportunities for growth, to support customers’ everyday lives is the value that Fursys Group strives to deliver to our customers. Furthermore, we are active in our efforts to create a better society and environment, trying to find ways in which we can contribute as a company.

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  • Product to SpaceEver since Fursys’ furniture research center was established in 1989, we have strived to not only create furniture, but to design environments. We provide quality designs and undertake scientific research to create systematic furniture that is customized to our user needs. This allows us to design a space that can adjust easily to our users. Our specialized consulting service that considers the user, environment, behavior and ergonomics enables us to provide a total solution.
  • DesigneeringDesign and engineering cannot be considered separately. Once the designer starts the ideation process, the engineer must work closely in line with the designer. Hence, design and function must both be considered. This basic foundation is what has helped Fursys realize its vision of practical beauty. Our products must be beautiful yet ergonomically safe, and durable enough for the customer to use safely. This principle enables us to provide our customers with a better lifestyle.